WXPM Radio Lodge

Welcome to The Tri – County Community Programming Fund’s Multimedia Lodge ready to serve YOU! We decided to bring back part of the original name of the building (see “a Brief History”) since Radio is only part of what we do here. In addition to WXPM “Retro Radio”, we offer Audio & Video Production Services, WXPM TV, and a Digital News Publication to highlight Newsprint Media such as Poetry, Short Stories, Art Work, and Animation / Cartoonist ALL on a “Local” Perspective as we bring a New Stronger Than Ever Voice to the Tri – County Area. Our Services can be a Local Platform (a “Stepping Stone”) for Musicians, Singers, Writers, and Artists to Highlight their works or Students learning about The Communication Arts. Contact us Today with your needs AND Ideas. We are glad to help and to be a part of your Journey to success!

A Brief History: The Lodge Building was custom built in the Early 1970’s for Herb and Faye Scott and named it affectionately Broadcast Lodge. The Lodge housed their Company “great SCOTT broadcasting” which held the title of an Individual owning the most radio stations in the US at one time and of course Flagship Station Pottstown’s WPAZ which signed on in October of 1951 as “The Pottstown Broadcasting Company” before being bought out by shareholder Herb Scott. The original WPAZ Studios were above Woolworth’s 5 & 10 in the Lamb Music House on High St. between Charlotte & Havover Sts. with the Transmitters housed in a Cement Block Building (which is still used today) here at 224 Maugers Mill Rd. WPAZ was moved from the High St. Studios along with the Transmitters from the Cement Block Building into Broadcast Lodge when it was completed in 1971. Through the years, WPAZ had served as a “Stepping Stone” to many (now more famous) Air Personalities / Voices who went through the doors of The Lodge like Merrill Reese, Diamond Jim Nettleton, Jack Pyle, Dr. Don Rose, Sam Clover, Mike Reinford, Vern Robins, Marilyn Ings, and later, Randi Ellis plus more not mentioned.

In December of 2009, Mitch Scott (Son), CEO of “great SCOTT broadcasting” abruptly with no warning pulled the plug on WPAZ and its Employees at 10am ending it’s over 58 year run in the Tri – County Area Broadcasting Music, Local High School Sports, American Legion Baseball, Church Services, News, Weather, and Traffic Reports due to a lack of Sponsors with a focus on their stations in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. A Group called The Community Broadcast Group (CBG) raised Money to buy WPAZ who also formed a Partnership with Four Rivers Community Broadcasting (WordFM) and brought back The New WPAZ and the Tri – County Area’s Voice in The Lodge naming it The Chalet through a Lease Management Agreement.

Almost a year passed with the station / group even trying a Call Letter & Theme Change to WBZH “The Buzz” however, it went Dark again due to lack of Funding. Four Rivers Community Broadcasting took the station over moving the Station Transmitters back to their original Cement Block Building and restored it’s call letters back to WPAZ. WPAZ is Broadcasting an “Inspirational Songs of the Faith” Format along with adding several FM signals. The WPAZ Studio moved to Harleysville along with WordFM and still Broadcasts today here in Pottstown behind us. The Tri – County Community Programming Fund took over the empty lodge.

Building saving it from demolition by Operating (newly named as) The Multimedia Lodge with a stronger than ever voice in Montgomery, Chester, Berks Counties and World Wide via the Internet.