WXPM “Retro Radio” 98.5 fm puts a New Spin on an older Radio Style heard nowhere else. We cater “Locally “ by playing a wide mix of Music from the 1950’s to Today with Specialty Music Programming focused on certain Types of Music like Christian, Gospel, Big Band, Jazz, Pop, Rock N’ Roll, Doo Wop, and Rockabilly according to our “Local “ Listeners taste throughout. the Tri – County Area. In addition to Music, WXPM offers Programs “Locally “ Produced including Religious, Educational, News, Talk, Comedy, Sports, and more.

WXPM – Television features a wide range of Programming just for the “Local “ Tri – County Area through the Internet (no special Antenna needed). A Program Sampling includes Religious, Music, Educational, Public Events (Indoor & Outdoor), News, Talk, Comedy, Sports and more. At certain times through Web Cams we go into the Studios of WXPM “Retro Radio” 98.5 fm letting you see our Radio side of things.

WXPM “Retro Radio” 98.5 fm and WXPM Television also offer Audio and Video Production Services to the Tri – County area and beyond. For example, if you are getting Married, we can Record it on Video and / or provide Musical Entertainment for your Reception. We also have a Connection to a Floral Design Specialist if you so choose. If you Play an Instrument, Produce Music, or Sing as an Individual or Group, we can serve as a “Stepping Stone “ or a Platform to help you in your Career with our Studios. The Studios make a Great Practice Facility also.

This continues the tradition of the Lodge Building (see WXPM Radio Lodge for a Brief history). We can even come out to you to Broadcast your Event “Live “ or Recorded to share with everyone in and out of the Tri – County Area. Some of the Events for example could include Parades, Car Shows, Band Concerts, School Events (Concerts, Theatrical Productions, and Sporting Events), and Public Government Meetings.

WXPM is owned by the Tri County Community Programming Fund (TCCPF) which is a Non – Profit Entity. Contact us for more Information how we can help YOU with our services here at WXPM “Retro Radio” 98.5 fm and WXPM – TV. We look forward to hearing from YOU!