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John Ralston, On-air personality and underwriting.

JR Video Podcast
JR Video Podcast

John is a Montgomery County native for 42 years and a radio veteran for nine years. A business owner for more than a decade and a printer for over 15 years – not in that order. Currently John interviews guests on his longtime running Buxmont Live Radio show and he brings it now to WXPM Phoenixville. His new venture is a video podcast titled Ralston Live and is filmed in Perkasie., Bucks County His major focus is non-profit organizations but he’s known to interview popular musicians from cool jazz to heavy metal and everything in between. “Everybody has a story and at XPM we make the interview process simple and painless. It’s just a conversation, really..”

This year John is introducing Business of the Week (title pending) where XPM personalities will promote a business by showing up on location to do a live broadcast and give away movie tickets and gift certificates.

Email John at john@wxpm.org

DJ Andy / The Wild Mouth

DJ Andy

Hi folks, DJ Andy here. In addition to Air Personality here at WXPM “Retro Radio”, I also have an Office serving as Program Director and the Vice President of Operations. These duties are mainly handled right from my Office however, some can’t. I basically Assist the President, and General Manager of the Station to keep it running. I could be called “The Right-Hand Person”. IF you have a Program Idea , a concern, a Praise or a Complaint, contact me here at WXPM “Retro Radio”. I want to help make this Station a HUGE Success with your help for EVERYONE here in the Tri – County Area and making “A Voice” once again be heard. Thank You for YOUR continued Interest AND Support of WXPM “We’re Xtreme Public Media”.

DJ Andy / “The Wild Mouth” (TWM) started in 1983 (with hopes of being in Radio) at the Vo-Tech School in limerick, PA from Classmates during an Audio Project. Mr. Thomas, Instructor, suggested to stick with “DJ Andy” because of “The Motor Mouth” in Philly. Then, DJ Andy landed his 1st gig at Next Door Restaurant & Lounge later starting “The Wild Mouth D.J. Service” spanning 15 years including Public & Private Affairs at different Venues, Schools, The Inn at St. Peters Village for 2 Summers and The Pottstown Area Corvair Enthusiasts (PACE) events where he was a Proud Member. After becoming Disabled from health issues, DJ Andy landed an Internship through Marilyn Ings, The New Beginnings Network on WPAZ for 6 months. Then attended Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) through OVR’s help (and still an Alumni DJ on Montco-Radio).

While attending MCCC, DJ Andy was interviewed at WYNS but that same week, was Hired at WPAZ spanning 8 1⁄2 years. Next, DJ Andy helped The New WPAZ / WBZH “The Buzz” as “DJ Crazy Andy” w/ Nikki Ash (Daughter) for about a year. After WBZH, an effort was made for a New LPFM station with a series of Meetings with DJ Andy in attendance which led to WXPM. DJ Andy was made Program Director and later also Vice President of Operations. DJ Andy will be the Morning Drive Time Host with “The Wild Mouth 80’s” on Fridays.