Phoenixville-Based Woodworker Uses Rough-Cut Lumber to Create Art, Furniture

Josh Lord woodworker

Image via Steven Falk, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Josh Lord works on a piece of a sycamore tree.

Known for the past 45 years as merely a resource for removing dead and damaged trees, woodworker Josh Lord of Lord’s Tree Service in Phoenixville is so much more.

He’s also a woodworker, taking those gnarled trunks and twisted branches from your lawn and turning them into unique pieces of art.

Steven Falk revealed the unvarnished depth of Lord’s talent for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The outdoors always interested the 66-year-old woodworker. The eye-catching impact that nature has on wood inspires his artistic side.

He uses that spark to create beautiful pieces from rough-cut lumber and logs at Uprooted, his Phoenixville studio.

Read more about Josh Lord in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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