The Ultimate PA Bucket List: What Patch Readers Think

PENNSYLVANIA — When you ask a Pennsylvania resident what’s on their ultimate list of things to do in the Keystone State before you die, you’re bound to get some drastically different responses.

There are the champions of the usual suspects, the iconic cultural and tourist sites you’d expect to see on any “best of” list for the region. Then there are the hidden gems, the unique, off the beaten path destinations that only savvy, long-time locals would know and love.

On the Doylestown Patch, Noelle Melissa Emily laid out some of the best the city of Philadelphia has to offer, points which were echoed by others:

“Liberty bell, independence hall, Betsy Ross house, UPenn basketball game at the Palestra, walk through the heart at the Franklin Institute, run up the ‘Rocky’ Art Museum steps.”

Bob Barnhart expanded on that list:

“The First Zoo in the USA, Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, Edgar Allan Poe’s House, Betsy Ross House, Washington’s Crossing, Bowman’s Tower, Valley Forge, Gettysburg, The Mütter Museum, Eastern State Penitentiary, Franklin Institute, The Philadelphia Art Museum, Hershey, Real Lebanon Bologna from Lebanon Pa. Kennywood, Downey Park, Knoebels Park, Mercer Museum, the list goes on and on…”

Lisa Anne added one of the southeast’s greatest swaths of (perhaps no longer quite so) undiscovered nature: “Walk the Wissahickon.”

The state’s cuisine, of course, belongs on any bucket list:

“For all the complaining I can do about Pat’s and Geno’s, I can honestly say I’ve had one cheesesteak at each,” Bonnie Jean wrote. “You can’t talk badly about them until you know what you’re talking about!” Frederick Brown, meanwhile, recommends “Steve’s prince of steaks.” “Curley’s cheesesteaks and wings!” Anthony Lockett said.

“Hershey-all of it! Hershey park, chocolateworld, the zoo, Hershey Hotel, brunch, a concert, etc.” wrote Phyllis Mann.

But it wasn’t just the famous and the fattening that the state’s soothsayers came forth to recommend. Lesser known sights and corners of the state also

“Number 9 Museum and Coal Mine in Lansford. Great history and heart to it. Visit nearby Jim Thorpe and the Old Jail too!” Evelyn Throne said.

“Oram’s Donuts in Beaver Falls,” Nikki Young added.

“Canoe the three major rivers,” Scott Gallgher said. “What better way to see the real Pennsylvania, the good and the bad.”

“See the carp in Linesville, go to Kinzua Bridge, play golf at Buhl Park (it is free),” Melissa Goda put in.

“Alex’s Tavern,” Frederick Colantuon said.

Longwood Gardens, the 9/11 Memorial, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, Ringing Rocks Park, Hickory Run State Park, Rickets Glen State Park, Phillies games, and the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania were all mentioned several times by commenters.

Many turned political in describing what they thought belonged on their Pennsylvania bucket list:

“New governor,” shared Ray Carr. “#1 on my list,” another replied.

“Ummmmm….increase school funding to districts that need it?” Judy Finn put in. “So we’re not 46th out of 50? (By decreasing amount of money spent on charter and cyber charter schools)”

Yet others were more plainly pessimistic about the thing they most wanted to do in their state:



“To get out.”

“Move away.”

“Leave and never come back.”

“The airport.”

Few captured the sheer ennui, however, of Kelly McGrath on the Doylestown Patch:

“Sedona, Arizona.”

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