In Tredyffrin Twp. First, Street Squad Was All-Female Officers

TREDYFFRIN TOWNSHIP, PA — Never before in Tredyffrin Township history has the police department’s street squad been all-female, but on Tuesday four women officers made TTPD history.

Tredyffrin Township Police Department Sgt. Michelle Major, Officer Brittany Rosenfeld, Officer Rebecca Fulmer, and Police Sgt. Stephanie Bills were the four who made the historic first.

Bills spoke with Patch about being a female officer in the first all-female dayshift patrol in the township.

“I was glad I got to experience that at some point in my career,” said Bills who’s been with TTPD for 23 years. She is one of six female officers among Tredyffrin Township Police Department’s 42 officers. Sgt. Major has served 26 years in the Department, and Officers Fulmer and Rosenfeld have each been in the Department for three years.

The Department acknowledged the historic moment today on social media. “We would like to take a minute to recognize a first for the TTPD! Today’s day shift marks the first time we have had an all-female squad working the street,” a post said.

Bills said female officers are “an absolute necessity in this day and age, and are a benefit” to communities. “We bring a different perspective in how we view and handle things.”

She explained there are situations when a female officer is definitely more desirable; in a sex assault, or a child abuse case, a victim who’s just experienced a traumatic event may not always want to sit down and give a report to a male officer. But, she said, a female officer is not always available. “Sometimes we call another department, or they request us.”

Bills said she has no family in law enforcement, but she chose a career in law enforcement because she always wanted to help people. “I wanted to defend or protect people who weren’t capable of doing for themselves,” she said.

As one of the three largest police departments in Chester County, Tredyffrin Township Police Department has very stringent hiring requirements that include polygraph and psychological tests. She said the Department prides itself on this and on hiring excellent officers.

“We have a very progressive, forward-thinking Department, and they are very supportive,” Bills said. Next month the Department is sponsoring an all-female range day for its female officers.

One of the great perks of her job, though, is the sisterhood among the TTPD female officers, Bills said.

“We all get along, and that is fantastic. We do things together here at work and we do things outside of work. It’s definitely a sisterhood. We’re fortunate to work for a Department that’s fully supportive of us.”

Bills noted the Department’s social media post was full of supportive expressions to the female officers. “We’re definitely getting some love.”

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