School of Media

WXPM “Retro Radio” proudly brings back “The School of Radio” which was a successful Program on another radio station that was in The Lodge Building. “The School of Media” reaches out into the Tri – County Area Community to Students through their School or College who has an Interest in Radio Production and Broadcasting. Here’s how it works. The School of Media lets our Local Tri – County Area Schools & Colleges submit Radio Shows Produced by their Students to give them Experience in the Communications Field, WXPM “Retro Radio” will Air these Shows to share with everyone during “The School of Radio” segment each week for 1 Hour with a replay during the same week at a different time as we highlight a different School or College each week. Times will be Announced well ahead of time when the Program will Air. Contact us if you are interested in this Educational Experience for your Students in the Tri – County Area.