Pottstown Yearbook Dedicated to Teacher Robert Decker

POTTSTOWN PA – The 2020 edition of “Troiad,” the yearbook for Pottstown High School, was dedicated Monday (June 22) by its student staff and advisor to Robert Decker (at top), a teacher at the high school since 1997 and who serves as chair of its mathematics department.

During a video-recorded virtual ceremony attended by more than 30 people and that was published to YouTube (above), Decker was praised as an individual “who has gone above and beyond regularly for our school, for our students, for our community.” The video camera then focused on Decker, dressed in Pottstown blue and smiling from a seat before his computer.

The online crowd cheered and applauded, and Decker smiled and laughed in reaction.

Decker is well known not only for his ability to help students understand algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, Advanced Placement calculus, computer science and, most recently, robotics, but also for his stage presence in district plays and musical productions.

Photo from YouTube; video supplied by the Pottstown School District

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