Phoenixville’s Little Free Antiracist Library

Whether walking or driving on Main Street in Phoenixville towards downtown, you will pass First Presbyterian Church’s lovely, historic building. In front of that building you might notice a much smaller one – the same shape and color, custom-built by a talented member that is a perfect size for a little free library.

In response to ongoing protests and highly publicized killings of people of color, and in particular Black folks, First Presbyterian Church has re-focused time and energy to antiracist work. Inspired by large local demonstrations, our pastor has been helping plan and organize vigils twice a month in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Church members have formed a growing antiracism book and discussion group as we are continually learning, growing, and finding ways to become more antiracist as a community of faith.

Our little free library is one of the things that has come out of this learning and growing. We chose Black Lives Matter as a theme for our library. It is stocked with children’s books, plays, poetry, literature, theology, history and political thought that is by Black authors and that centers around Black lives and experiences. We hope that this offering of resources helps our community grow in the ways that we have been growing. We are working toward equality, justice and dignity for all persons, and this is one of the ways we can be proactive.

So, if you are ever coming down Main Street heading toward downtown Phoenixville, check out our little free library. Learn and grow with us.

For information about FPC’s Antiracism Book Club, please contact the main office at 610-933-8816.

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