Philadelphia Among World’s Best Destinations For 2021: Condé Nast

PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia is getting some major attention from an international publication.

Each year, the publication releases its list of the editors’ favorite hotels around the world.

However, this year it chose to expand the list’s scope.

Condé Nast says this year’s list includes “a range of experiences we consider truly exceptional—cruises, flights, restaurants, bars, destinations—along with the deeply personal reasons why we love them.”

Editor Betsy Blumenthal chose Philadelphia.

Here’s what she has to say about the City of Brotherly Love:

There’s really something special about Philadelphia, about the way it doesn’t care for pretense or about what anyone else thinks of it. One place I return to both in daydream and reality is Fairmount Park, behind the famed art museum, and the miles-long pathway that traces a circle around that part of the Schuylkill River. I think about the Italian Market and its small world of vendors, about the mosaics glinting in the sun, the digestible chaos of Chinatown, the essential, if flawed, sense of American history, the beautiful, dilapidated row houses that speak to the promise of equality we haven’t yet reached as a country. Spiritually, it’s my city.

Other places in the United States to make the list are Washington D.C. and Kauai, Hawaii.

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