PA Coronavirus Response Among Top 5 In Nation: Study

PENNSYLVANIA — How well did Pennsylvania combat the coronavirus pandemic? Pretty well, one new study says.

Pennsylvania is the 5th highest-ranking state when it comes to its response to the coronavirus outbreak, according to a study conducted by Sykes.

The firm, a provider of multichannel demand generation and customer engagement services for Global 2000 companies, performed an analysis of each state’s approach to combating the virus. Factors analyzed included weekly test positivity rates, hospital admissions and vaccine distribution.

Analyzing weekly government data from January to March, Sykes found that Hawaii was the best regarding COVID-19 case rates, test rates and hospital admissions. According to Skyes, Hawaii implemented strict policies for its 1.4 million residents to protect residents and prevent tourists from introducing more coronavirus cases to the island state.

The data revealed that eastern states like Maryland and Pennsylvania, both of which maintained firm locked-down policies, as well as western states like Oregon and Washington — the latter of which was an early epicenter of the disease — also were among the states with the most effective responses.

Many of the states in the bottom 10 are in the southern part of the country, with New York and Utah being exceptions.

“While certain rules, such as a ban on international travel, were created at the federal level, most regulations were implemented per state, and even per county and town. This approach meant that as the pandemic progressed, some areas of the country remained in lockdown periods as others returned to in-person schooling, work, and other activities — leading to mixed results,” the study summary explained.

The study also notes Pennsylvania was among the first states to issue a mask mandate. Pennsylvania’s mask mandate was issued on April 19, shortly after New Jersey, Rhode Island and Maryland.

The study found that the states that issued stay-at-home orders fared better. Just eight states did not issue a stay-at-home or a safer-at-home order. Arkansas, Utah and Oklahoma did not issue a stay-at-home order, and all three placed in the bottom 10 for overall response, the study shows.

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