Malvern Retreat House Channels the Spirit of Its Century-Long History to Undertake Bold Reimagining

Malvern Retreat House

Image via Malvern Retreat House.

Located on 125 acres off South Warren Avenue, Malvern Retreat House is a nationally renowned destination that has been serving people from all walks of life since 1912. As the oldest and largest Catholic retreat in the country, MRH hosts more than 250 events each year that provide powerful opportunities for formation, renewal, and healing.

MRH is currently undertaking a major project by “reimagining” where it can move forward to address future demand. The project has formed seven teams comprised of board members, volunteers, community leaders, and staff to address the following opportunities:

  • land and buildings
  • funding and fundraising
  • attracting younger participants
  • reaching out to underserved communities
  • programs and retreat offerings
  • strengthening and establishing partnerships
  • enhancing MRH’s Men and Women of Malvern offerings

“One hundred years ago, our founders purchased land in Malvern and filed the Retreat League’s charter,” said Jacki Delaney, Chair of the Malvern Retreat House. “Today, building on the strong commitment of our annual Men and Women of Malvern retreatants, we embrace the same spirit of courage and faith from a century ago to step boldly into reimagining a vibrant retreat center that will bring peace, healing, and hope for many thousands of new people through an encounter with God. More than ever, people of all ages and backgrounds need a spiritual oasis where their hearts can be renewed and emboldened by the love of God.”

MRH has enlisted the help of Bob Madonna, the Managing Partner of Diversified Services LLC and former CEO of Devon-based Surrey Services for Seniors, for this critical endeavor.

“We selected Robert Madonna, Diversified Services LLC, to coordinate and facilitate this reimagining process because of his depth of experience in successfully leading nonprofit organizations, his remarkable track record in advising boards and organizations, as well as his ability to be down to earth and relatable for people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and life experience,” said Mark Peletunow, MRH President. “At the end of the day, we felt extremely comfortable with Bob’s leadership and his authentic desire to partner with Malvern Retreat House in making a difference not only today, but also for the future.”

The project commenced in May and will conclude by the end of the year with MRH’s board deciding on the final plans. For more information, contact Cindy Scott-Ziminsky at

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