Loss of Jennersville Hospital Has Residents — Especially Seniors — Concerned About ER Access


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Image via Emma Lee, WHYY.

From left: Jerry Dobbs, Fred Crotchfelt, and Ron Masters are residents of Ware Presbyterian Village in Oxford.

The loss of Jennersville Hospital has caused a lot of anxiety for many southern Chester County residents. The distance to an accessible emergency room is a particular concern, especially for area seniors. Alan Yu and Kenny Cooper covered the worry for WHYY.

For senior citizens living at Ware Presbyterian Village in Oxford, access to immediate critical care was once 10 minutes away. It is now available via a commute that is four times that length of time.

“We’re just looking for help from anywhere that might come from,” said 84-year-old Jerry Dobbs, who lives independently at the senior living community. “Not only us here at Ware. We’ve got 100 square miles of residents here who are also concerned.”

They are also worried about the time it will take for ambulances to get to the community, as well as to the surrounding area.

Even routine care is affected by Jennersville’s loss. Healthcare advocates worry that some residents may decide to skip visits related to non-serious (albeit important) medical conditions, owing to the new distance to a community physician.

“If I could drive 10 miles and be there, versus 45 miles and be at West Chester, Christiana, I’m likely to opt to not to go anywhere,” said Nottingham resident Allison Berdoulay.

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