Elkins Park Teen Entrepreneur Travels a Mile on Skateboard to Return Missing Wallet to Owner

An Elkins Park teen who was out skateboarding went out of his way last week to return a missing wallet he found sitting in the parking lot of a Walgreens, reports Matteo Iadonisi from 6abc Action News.

Nigel Greene had stopped off at the Walgreens in his car in order to buy a birthday card.

“I checked for my wallet and I couldn’t find it,” said Greene. “And I knew that I’d had it when I got in the car.”

At the same time, 15-year-old Elian Ortiz, who owns Eros and Friends Yard Work Co. and can be found shoveling snow for neighbors this time of year, was skateboarding around the area like he usually did.

He had just visited Skate the Foundry, a skate shop on the hill just above the Walgreens, and when he popped by the convenience store for a drink that’s when he found Greene’s wallet sitting in the parking lot.

“When I looked through it, it had all of these cards, IDs, all this important information that would really suck if someone else took it,” Ortiz said. “So I was like, let me do the right thing and bring it back to him.”

Ortiz was able to find Greene’s address by using the driver’s license inside. He put it into Google Maps and started the trek over on his skateboard.

The two arrived at Greene’s house at the same time. Greene was very thankful Ortiz went out of his way to bring his wallet to him and met Ortiz once more a few days later at the Walgreens to deliver a thank you card.

“We get a lot of news stories about the bad things that kids do,” Greene said. “But I think the vast majority of kids, especially in our community, are good kids like Elian and do the right thing even when someone’s not looking.”

Read more about Elian Ortiz’s good deed with Greene’s missing wallet at 6abc Action News.

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