Wayne-based Bistro Asks for Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination, With Some Pushback

Christine and Nick Kondra, owners of Wayne's Cornerstone Bistro

Image via cornerstonewayne at Instagram.

Christine and Nick Kondra, owners of Wayne’s Cornerstone Bistro.

The restaurant’s request for proof of vaccination for dining applied only to its 20-seat indoor space,
yet patrons pushed back on social media.
Image via Raymond Cunningham at Creative Commons.

Cornerstone Bistro in Wayne is among local restaurants that are intensifying their safety measures as the Delta variant continues to spread throughout the country. Indoor seating now requires proof of vaccination from diners, writes Michael Klein for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The public responded with mixed views. The eatery’s Instagram account became a battleground for differing viewpoints over the weekend.

Many patrons expressed support for the policy; others cited it as discriminatory and threatened the owners with retaliation.

“We knew we would get pushback but not to the point of where we are right now,” said Christine Kondra, who co-owns Cornerstone with her husband Nick.

“I had to get the chief of police involved. We have had threats. We have been called Nazis. They have said we should change our name to Kim Jong Charcuterie. We have been told that we are breaking the HIPAA code.”

The owners emphasized that the decision does not mean that unvaccinated people cannot come to the restaurant. The only area that requires proof of vaccination is its indoor space with 20 seats.

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