Class ring from 1930s found in car about to be crushed

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Aug. 11 (UPI) — A class ring from the 1930s was found inside a car that was about to be crushed at an Oklahoma scrap yard, and the item was returned to its original owner’s family.

Lovetta Phipps said her ex-husband was going through a car about to be crushed at a scrap yard when he found the 1933 Clinton High School class ring inside the vehicle.


Phipps posted photos of the ring on Facebook in the hopes of getting some help tracking down the owner.

The ring was presented Monday to Diana Willey, whose mother was the ring’s original owner. Willey said she didn’t realize her mother, who died in 1984, had ever owned a class ring.

“We have several children and grandchildren so this is something we can keep and treasure and give to our kids and grandkids,” Willey told KOTV. “We were very pleased.”

Phipps said Carolyn Horn from Clinton West Elementary, the Tulsa school that used to be Clinton High School, helped her research the ring and track down Willey’s contact information.