Allow WXPM DJs the opportunity to interview you or the whole band. Stick around afterwards to play a few tunes live at WXPM studios. The video will be shared on social media and the WXPM airwaves! And the best part??? See below..

We'll give you a copy of the event so you can share with the public. Send up to 5 mp3s, or mp4s, or just point us to your online links. Send them to 'wxpmlp [at]' and thanks for listening to 98.5fm WXPM in Phoenixville!

Dear friends of WXPM

The Tri-County Community Programming Fund (WXPM's parent company) was created in 2011 to support local charities including local radio, theater and music venues.

Our funding is provided by local businesses and private individuals who understand the importance of locally produced programs. The education of our high school and college students in the media is a major part of our goal. We acknowledge that the support of our community is critical to bringing awareness of what the area has to offer businesswise as well as entertainment. Your support for us is a key factor in the growth of the area by way of the arts.

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